Celebrities Due in March 2017

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Spring will arrive this month, as will the newest celebrity arrivals. See which of your favorite celebs are due in March.

Lily Rabe and Hamish Linklater

American Horror Story star Lily Rabe and her boyfriend Hamish Linklater are expecting their first baby, according to People. The couple announced the news earlier this year.

Chad Michael Murray and Sarah Roemer

Actor Chad Michael Murray announced the news of his second pregnancy with wife Sarah Roemer in November, according to a US Weekly exclusive report. They baby will join his big brother (whose name has not been revealed) soon.

David and Christina Arquette

Scream star David Arquette and his wife Christina are expecting their second child, another little boy. The actor announced the news on Instagram in October, saying, “So incredibly blessed and honored that my wife @christinaarquette is pregnant with a baby boy! Thank you Christina and humbled gratitude to G-D for this tremendous gift!”

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